Tailgate parties present an opportunity to savor football favorites and try new dishes. We’ve huddled to compile our team’s favorite football food for an elevated dining experience while watching the end of the season.

All of these dishes easily can be prepared with our products and are sure to be a crowd pleaser among your guests, regardless of which team they’re rooting for.

Game Day Recipe Playbook

A peek inside our game day recipes playbook with A5 Wagyu and sustainable seafood:

Favorite Football Recipes
Appetizers – shrimp, beef or both!
For easy appetizers, try our new jumbo cleaned American shrimp served on skewers. Fun to look at and delicious to eat, these cook quickly, season well, and add culinary art to your table.

First Play:  Grilled shrimp kebobs complemented by fresh pineapple salsa.

Grilled Shrimp Kabobs

Next play: Savory shrimp served over grilled sausage.

Super Bowl Shrimp


Another good call: our Japanese A5 Wagyu Steak cooked and sliced into appetizer-sized bites.

Super Bowl Game Day Steak Appetizers


Our organic grass fed Seasoned Top Sirloin Roast works well on sandwiches for your watch party. Cook the roast and thinly slice to serve in a hearty loaf. For extra points, serve with a French onion dip.

Grass Fed Beef Super Bowl Food


Another party food favorite: our Wagyu and Cheese Sliders with Sweet Potato Fries. Prepare the wagyu as instructed, slice, and serve with your favorite cheese to create unforgettable sliders.

Super Bowl Food Sliders


Up your football recipes with globally curated, ethically sourced food from The Seasoned Carte. From our team to yours, enjoy the game!