Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef OLD OLD OLD

Highly-marbled, sweet, and buttery our A5 wagyu beef is sourced from Kagoshima Farms in Japan and is rich in taste and free from hormones. Less than 1% of Japanese Wagyu produced holds an A5 Grade. Try the difference and see why wagyu lovers prefer A5!

Japanese A5
Highest Quality

Our Japanese A5 Wagyu is the top quality ranking wagyu steak you can buy. Less than 1% of Japanese Wagyu produced holds the premium A5 Grade. Learn more about our wagyu quality.

Certified Japanese A5

The “Universal Wagyu Mark” is a seal that proves the beef was produced in Japan. This mark helps differentiate authentic Japanese Wagyu from Wagyu produced elsewhere, such as the US or Australia. When purchasing A5 Japanese Wagyu, be sure to look for the Universal Wagyu Mark to ensure you are getting authentic Japanese Wagyu.