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A5 Wagyu Filet Mignon is Back

So perfectly marbled and 5-star rated, its no wonder this home chef favorite is our best seller.

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South African Lobster Tails

Wild caught in the cold southern coastal waters of South Africa, world renowned for their exquisite, sweet flavor and succulent, firm meat.

"Lots of meat and delicious on the grill!"
Tori F.

What Our Customers Are Saying


Like Butter!

Filet steak was like butter. Both steaks were perfect! We rated this a 10/10!

Paullette G.

Wonderful Filet!

Best filet I have ever ordered! I will most certainly order again!

Mark D.

Quick shipping and wonderful foods A+

Nicholas V

Never eat store bought steak again!

Amazing-this coming from a skeptic. How could a piece of meat taste so good 😊

Nancy F.

Wow! Blown away with taste! Delicious flakey sea bass that melts in your mouth… 😋 Would definitely eat again and would highly recommend! 🐟❤️

Evante T.

After how I was treated by this company, I will never use anyone else. They are serious about customer care, and that is something that is worth a lot to me.

Justin A.
Sourcing without Compromise
Ethical Sourcing

If quality and ethical-sourcing were easy, everyone would do it. We search the oceans and farms far and wide for high-taste that comes with high-standards. We take it as a point of pride to leave no land or sea unexplored.

Every product has an origin story
Our Story

The Seasoned Carte's origin is one of great taste, global inspiration, impeccable ethics, and relentless sourcing. We strive to offer restaurant quality products from around the globe that are not easily accessible in your local grocery store aisle.

Sustainability for Future Generations

Food is about more than just food. It’s about maintaining a better world for future generations. We are committed to finding ingredients only from the best sources that are mindful and responsible.

Globally sourced Meals The Seasoned CarteGlobally sourced Meals The Seasoned Carte
We curate the best ingredients from around the world, providing you with a global pantry of possibilities.