A new member has joined our team – grass fed beef!

We are so excited to add the grass fed beef cuts to our family of products.  Our focus remains on growing our portfolio with new beef and seafood items sustainably sourced from around the world.  Different products that present different options for formal and informal meals and opportunities to customize preparation and garnishing of plates based on your palate preference.

Between our two beef collections, Japanese Kagoshima A5 Wagyu and grass fed beef, which one is our favorite?  Impossible to choose, of course, but we can say that each has a unique meat profile and mouth feel for a high quality, chef-inspired meal to prepare at home.  Both our wagyu beef collection and our grass fed beef are tender and rich in taste.  Our wagyu specifically has three primary elements: evenly distributed marbling, unparalleled tenderness, and umami rich flavor.  Our grass fed beef is equally flavorful.  Expect a restaurant quality meal from both collections!  

What attracted us to grass fed beef?  Too hard to pinpoint just one reason.  For starters, our three cuts, Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon, Seasoned Top Sirloin Roast, and Stew Meat, are all certified 100% USDA organic, Certified Pasture Raised Level 4 by the Global Animal Partnership and free of hormones and antibiotics.  Like the other items comprising our product assortment, our grass fed beef is from family run farms who share our focus and attention to an environmentally conscious farming approach, including a lighter footprint on the farmland where the cattle roam.  They are pasture raised, grass fed, and grass finished, their beef results in lower fat and calories compared to grain fed cattle.

Both of our beef collections deliver a rich taste and top notch dining experience.  While the meat differs in size, appearance, and origin, we select products we’re excited to introduce for an enjoyable dining experience.  Each provides different options for preparation, plating and serving and will leave you with a lot of room for creativity.  Get inspired to celebrate a holiday dinner or special occasion over a restaurant quality dinner from The Seasoned Carte.  Customize your cooking and let the food and conversation leave you with a memorable evening.