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Wild American White Shrimp

Wild American White Shrimp

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All natural and chemical free, these wild shrimp are found off the Florida coast in the Gulf of Mexico. Mild in flavor and perfect to fry or sauté.

Cooking tips

IMPORTANT: Do not defrost at room temperature, in water, or under running water. Never defrost in the microwave. Place in refrigerator to fully defrost 24 hours prior to cooking.

These shrimp are perfectly sized for your favorite pasta, or a compliment to your steak for a surf ‘n’ turf.

Simply heat your pan over medium heat, add 2 Tbsp. of oil. Season your shrimp with salt and pepper, as desired, and add to your pan, cooking shrimp 1-2 minutes per side. Remove and enjoy, or add other ingredients such as spinach, tomatoes, and pasta to your pan for a complete meal.


We source our American Wild Shrimp from Wood’s Fisheries, a 5-generation old company.

Wood’s Fisheries partners with Trace Register™, Wild American Shrimp®, Gulf Seafood Trace, and Ocean Trust, to ensure they are offering the very best product available as well as full traceability, food safety and sustainability.

Shipping information

Our products are flash frozen upon cultivation and are kept that way until you are ready to enjoy these premium offerings.

We ship orders on Monday and Wednesdays. All orders that ship on Mondays must be placed by Sunday at 11:59pm EST. All orders that ship on Wednesdays must be placed by Tuesday at 11:59pm EST.

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