Kagoshima A5 Wagyu New York Strip Steak
Kagoshima A5 Wagyu New York Strip Steak
Kagoshima A5 Wagyu New York Strip Steak
Kagoshima A5 Wagyu New York Strip Steak

Kagoshima A5 Wagyu New York Strip Steak

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The quintessential steak house cut, this Japanese A5 Wagyu New York Strip Steak features remarkable even marbling throughout. Cut to ¾” thick this steak offers umami rich flavor with perfectly balanced tenderness and texture.

  • Authentic Wagyu unique to Japan and considered the highest quality Wagyu beef on the market.
  • Savory, melt-in-mouth tenderness with intense marbling and impeccable coloration.
  • Ethically sourced from Kagoshima, Japan – a heavily forested area with clean air and spring water perfect for raising superior, healthy cattle.
  • The “Universal Wagyu Mark” differentiates authentic Japanese Wagyu from Wagyu produced elsewhere, such as the US or Australia. Authentic Wagyu is more tender and flavorful than other Wagyu.

- Available in 5 oz. and 15 oz. steaks.

We recommend preparing your Wagyu in a heavy bottomed sauté pan on the stovetop. Due to the high fat content Please DO NOT grill/cook Wagyu over an open fire, such as a propane or charcoal grill. First, take defrosted Wagyu out of refrigerator 15 minutes prior to cooking. Season with salt & cracked black pepper. Heat pan over medium high heat. No need to add any fat or oil. Sear for 1 to 2 minutes on all sides. Remove Wagyu from the pan. Allow it to rest for 5 minutes before slicing and enjoying. NOTE: Do not defrost Wagyu at room temperature, in water or microwave.

Wagyu with care.

Real A5 Wagyu comes from one place and one place only: Japan. Ours is ethically shipped from the Kagoshima prefecture. All Wagyu we source comes with an ID code with which you can trace the history from birth certification to the final store location. To ensure quality, feeding practices are optimized for each fattening stage.

Our products are flash frozen upon cultivation and are kept that way until you are ready to enjoy these premium offerings. Orders that are received by 10:00 am eastern time are shipped next business day on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday excluding holidays. 

Why Wagyu?

The Japanese A5 Wagyu Difference

Authentic Japanese A5 Wagyu can only come from Japan. The unique environment in which it's raised brings you uncompromiseable taste.

Why Wagyu

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