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Global Wagyu Sampler

Global Wagyu Sampler

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Experience this premium global wagyu assortment including highly-marbled, sweet and buttery Japanese A5 Wagyu, 100% Japanese Black American Full Blood Wagyu and Citrus Fed BMS 9+ Australian Wagyu.

What's included:

(1) 15 oz. A5 Wagyu New York Strip | Kagoshima

(1) 1.25-1.75 avg. lb. American Full Blood Wagyu Cowboy Ribeye

(1) 6 oz. Australian Filet Mignon | BMS 9+

Cooking tips

IMPORTANT: Do not defrost A5 Wagyu at room temperature, in water, or under running water. Never defrost Wagyu in the microwave. Place in refrigerator to fully defrost 48 hours prior to cooking.

A5 Wagyu New York Strip:
Once defrosted, take A5 Wagyu out of refrigerator 15 minutes before cooking to allow it to come to room temperature.

We recommend preparing your A5 Wagyu in a heavy bottomed sauté pan on the stovetop. Due to the high fat content Please DO NOT grill/cook Wagyu over an open fire, such as a propane or charcoal grill.

First, season with salt & cracked black pepper. Heat pan over medium high heat. No need to add any fat or oil. Sear for 1-2 minutes on all sides. Remove Wagyu from the pan. Allow it to rest for 5 minutes before slicing and enjoying.

American Full Blood Wagyu Cowboy Ribeye:
There are several excellent ways to prepare this Cowboy steak, but they all start with allowing your fully defrosted steak to come to room temperature for 30 minutes prior to cooking.

Stovetop: Preheat oven to 400°F. Heat a large heavy pan on the stovetop about 5 minutes, or until hot. Pat the steak dry with paper towels and season with salt and pepper, or your desired seasoning, and lightly coat with oil. Cook steak over medium heat until well browned on one side, about 2-3 minutes. Add 2 Tbsp. of butter, flip steak, and transfer pan to hot oven. Roast about 12-15 minutes, or until an instant read thermometer registers 125°F for medium rare.

Allow steak to rest 10-15 minutes before slicing.

Grill: Whether gas or charcoal grill, heat grill to high. Season steaks with salt and pepper, or your choice of seasoning, and place on the hottest portion of grill to sear on both sides, about 3-4 minutes per side, creating a golden-brown crust. Once this is achieved, move steak to area of grill with lower heat and allow to cook about 13-15 minutes more, flipping at the halfway point, or until an instant read thermometer reads 125°F for medium rare.

Allow steak to rest 10-15 minutes before slicing.

Australian Filet Mignon:
Once defrosted, take Wagyu out of refrigerator 15 minutes before cooking to allow it to come to room temperature.

While we generally recommend preparing Wagyu in a heavy bottomed sauté pan on the stovetop, this Australian Wagyu also cooks up beautifully on your gas or propane grill over medium heat to avoid flare-ups.

Season with salt & cracked black pepper and add a light coating of oil to your steak. Cook filet mignon for 3-5 minutes per side on the grill or stovetop, or until desired doneness. Remove Wagyu from the pan and allow to rest for 5 minutes before slicing.


Real A5 Wagyu comes from one place and one place only: Japan. To ensure our A5 is born, raised, and shipped from the Kagoshima prefecture, our farms provide certificate of authenticity.

We're happy to provide certificates to customers upon request.

We source American Full Blood Wagyu directly from The Hufeisen Ranch in Wyoming, where Wagyu meat is still done right. Hufeisen Ranch is a family run, farm-to-fork operation, using regenerative agriculture to raise full blood American Wagyu.

All the cattle at the Hufeisen Ranch are 100% Japanese black wagyu, fed with grass and flax seeds to raise the healthiest animals possible. No chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones are used at any point of the ranching process.

Our Australian Wagyu comes from Elbow Valley Farm in Queensland, Australia.

In addition to locally sourced grains including wheat, barley and corn, Elbow Valley Wagyu are fed upcycled citrus pulp, resulting in improved tenderness and marbling, and a buttery and umami rich eating experience. Halal Certified.

Shipping information

Our products are flash frozen upon cultivation and are kept that way until you are ready to enjoy these premium offerings.

We ship orders on Monday and Wednesdays. All orders that ship on Mondays must be placed by Sunday at 11:59pm EST. All orders that ship on Wednesdays must be placed by Tuesday at 11:59pm EST.

Some holiday shipping days may vary.

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