Sustainability & Sourcing

Sustainability from Source to Plate

The right way is the only way. So whether your food is from the lands of Japan or the waters of Spain, we seek longterm relationships that build trust with our customers through ethical practices. Our partners are required to have environmentally-friendly equipment, range lands, feeding practices, and minimal water consumption to name a few.

Sustainability doesn't just stop with ethical sourcing. Did you know the average American family of four throws away ~25% of the food they buy? Costing them over $2,000 worth of food each year! That is why at the Seasoned Carte, we offer our products freshly frozen. So you can share our premium offerings with friends and family on your own time, without the waste!

Our Global Sources


As respect to nature and family love, our cattle are nurtured with great sincerity. Our farmers provide a diet consisting of natural grass, rice straws, and wheat with NO antibiotics or hormones EVER.

South Africa

More meat and less waste! Not only are our Lobster Tails wild caught off the coast of South Africa, they also boast one of the highest tail-to-body masses of any lobster in the world at 45%.


Our Sea Bass is caught by utilizing MSC and COLTO best practices. Ensuring this premium toothfish's natural populations and environmental impacts are left un-disturbed.


Of course we had to add a little American flavor to our global offerings! Our flavor enhancements are all clean-label and follow sustainability standards you can feel patriotic about.


We proudly offer wild-caught Pacific Sockeye Salmon, sustainably caught from the cold and clear Alaskan waters of Bristol Bay.


Octopus is sourced all around the world, from Southeast Asia to the Mediterranean. However, Spain is globally revered for having the most sustainable Octopus fishing practices.

Why We Offer Our Products Frozen

Our products are flash frozen upon cultivation and are kept that way until you are ready to enjoy. By keeping our products frozen throughout the whole process, we are ensuring that our premium offerings are arriving to you in the safest manner in regards to food safety, something we at The Seasoned Carte take very seriously.

Authentic A5 Japanese Wagyu is unlike any American beef you’ve tried before.