Watch here as our very own chefs Chris and Bridget discuss what food means to them, and how The Seasoned Carte started!

Seasoned Chefs of The Seasoned Carte

We curate the best ingredients from around the world, providing you with a global pantry of possibilities. Our team consists of seasoned chefs with expertise in fine dining, high-end catering, and all aspects of hospitality. Sharing our passion with family and friends, brought us to the culmination of The Seasoned Carte. We strive to offer restaurant quality products from around the globe that are not easily accessible in your local grocery store aisle. We believe a well-prepared dish fills our souls with joy, our tables with friends & family, and our lives with a sense of well-being. Because food nourishes our souls as much as our bodies. It’s one of the rare things every person shares in common. That’s why we believe every meal—and every ingredient within it—should be worth sharing.

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From Chef to Table

An adventurous first spoonful from a seasoned chef’s favorite recipe will take us to places we’ve never been—and maybe never will. These recipes, created by diverse backgrounds, home cooks, and renowned artisans alike infuse together, inspiring us to mix experience with curiosity and spontaneity, and to constantly experiment with avant-garde dishes. They inspire us to create an ever-evolving menu of globally-curated, sustainably-sourced ingredients shipped directly to your door.

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At The Seasoned Carte, we don’t just offer great tasting products, but we strive to build a community of first-time foodies, novice cooks, seasoned chefs, and anyone in-between who are looking to share unforgettable memories together. We aim to create and maintain a joined sense of well-being within our community by tapping into our customers thoughts, critiques, and culture. Because the magic of tasting the perfect dish inspires us to find our own inner chef and use it to introduce those close to us to meals that nourish their mind, body, and soul. They’re meals that when paired with a little music, wine, and old friends, make a night-in feel like a night out. Because great food isn’t just about making great food, it’s about sharing what you love with who you love.

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