Collection: Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef & American Wagyu Beef V1

Highly-marbled, sweet, and buttery our A5 wagyu beef is sourced from Kagoshima Farms in Japan and is rich in taste and free from hormones. Less than 1% of Japanese Wagyu produced holds an A5 Grade. Try the difference and see why wagyu lovers prefer A5!

Wagyu beef comes from a type of cattle that’s native to Japan. It’s considered to be the highest quality of beef available and is well-known for its marbling and tender melt-in-your-mouth texture. Wagyu beef is rich in fat content, packed with flavor, and contains tons of nutrients, too.

A5 wagyu steak is the highest possible rating by the Japan Meat Grading Association based on the yield grade and meat quality. A5 wagyu has copious marbling that is rare and intense, making it highly coveted with less than 1% of Japanese Wagyu produced earning an A5 Grade. Because A5 wagyu fat is evenly distributed throughout the beef and melts at a low temperature, A5 Japanese Wagyu literally melts in your mouth. All A5 wagyu comes with a certificate of authenticity and will be provided to customers digitally upon request.

Our Japanese wagyu beef is ethically sourced from Kagoshima, which is a heavily forested area in Japan that’s great for raising cattle because of its access to spring water and clean air. 

Our American wagyu comes from family-run farms in the states of Iowa and Texas. All of our American wagyu beef is raised and looked after in the same way as our Japanese wagyu, so the cattle still receive a Japanese-style feeding routine.