The cold winter weather can keep us inside.  It also presents the opportunity to warm up by cooking recipes made with honey (and not just hot tea!).  Honey works well in marinades, glazes, dressings and dips, especially for seafood.  Cooking with honey allows for creativity and flexibility when interpreting and preparing meals beyond baking breads, muffins, cookies and desserts.

Take a look at your cupboard.  You probably have a jar or bottle of honey there, ready to use in your next recipe!  Not only is honey an easy inclusion, but also its sweetness can balance more sour notes in the dish you’re preparing.  Honey is also appealing if you like creating your own recipe for a glaze versus using a premade marinade or sauce.

Our Favorite Seafood With Honey Dishes

Three of our favorite winter seafood dishes incorporating honey are:  Hot Honey Garlic Salmon, Oven Roasted Chilean Sea Bass with Honey Miso Glaze, and Honey Garlic Sun Shrimp.

Hot Honey Garlic Salmon

For this dish, the combination of honey, hot sauce and citrus juice create the sauce in which the fish is cooked, adding a unique taste.  Topping the fish with jalapeno peppers gives a spicy flavor that works well with the sweet honey sauce.  Chef Chris used orange juice for this recipe, but this dish would also work well with lemon, lime or pineapple juice.  Each of these, combined with the sweetness of honey, would present a unique, delicious dinner. View Recipe

Oven Roasted Chilean Sea Bass with Honey Miso Glaze

Honey is also used as a marinade.  Our Oven Roasted Chilean Sea Bass with Honey Miso Glaze is a great example.  Keeping the fish in the marinade and refrigerated for 3-6 hours allows the flavors to absorb, resulting in phenomenal taste when cooked and served over sautéed greens. View Recipe

Honey Garlic Sun Shrimp

Another excellent sauce combines honey with soy sauce and rice vinegar in the Honey Garlic Sun Shrimp recipe.  This dish can also include chopped cashews or peanuts for additional flavor.  This sauce is popular because of its lighter flavor profile compared to a heavier, thicker alternative. View Recipe

 So, now that you’ve gotten some ideas for cooking with honey marinades, we’ll “bee” seeing you cooking up a storm!