I recently purchased a new grill. It’s a beautyone side propane (I have 3 kids and my wife and I both work full time, so most nights a quick dinner is necessary); a charcoal side (for weekend family and friend get togethers); and a smoker (for lazy summer days and some Que!). Now that the weather is starting to resemble late spring/summer, and Father’s Day is coming up, I’m looking forward to breaking in the grill. The burning question is, where to start? Well, the recent addition of our Grilling Collection gives me plenty of opportunities to experiment with all aspects of my grill.  [product:backyard-bbq]
A good burger and hot dog are essential to any outdoor gathering. But how about a burger that is better than good? I’m talking about American Wagyu burgers and hot dogs, full of flavor and exceeding expectations! And while everyone loves to have “one of each,” my guests are going to flip when I also offer them Certified Angus Bratsone filled with savory caramelized onions, the other a real game changer, filled with poblano peppers and jack cheese. I’ll offer several toppings suitable to bring any of these items to the next level like toasted buns, ripe tomato, fresh quick pickles, and spicy mayo for the burgers; sauteed peppers, ketchup-braised onions, salsa, guacamole and esquites (if you’re unsure about what this is, it’s Mexican street corn, but off the cob) for the dogs and brats.  Your traditional grilling get-together, only better!  


Now I want to fire up my charcoal side, so I’m getting the coals hot and reaching for my Ultimate Grilling Bundle. This bundle is perfect for a small gathering of friends in the yard to enjoy a sophisticated meal al fresco. I’ll start with skewering my Jumbo Sun Shrimp and seasoning them with Florida Citrus Pepper seasoning. Grilled quickly, letting them get slightly charred to pick up some smoke, and serving them on a spinach salad lightly dressed with an avocado vinaigrette. I’m serving this appetizer with a tequila and grapefruit soda, complete with salt rimmed glass and lime wedge. For the main course, it’s surf n’ turf- grass fed filet wrapped in bacon and grilled South African lobster tails. The filets will get pierced with a fresh sprig of rosemary from my herb garden to secure the bacon; the lobster tails with top-split shells will be bathed in melted lemon garlic butter with Mediterranean herb seasoning and a couple sprigs of lemon thyme (also from my herb garden). Asparagus tossed in olive oil and some small baby potatoes join the filet and lobster tails to complete the meal. Grilled over the hot coals, light flames jumping up occasionally leaving fragrant wisps of smoke, all of which will add to the complexity of the finished dish. I’ll offer a Pinot Noir, which will pair well with both the filet and the lobster. But I’ll also have Cab and Riesling on hand for anyone who wants to pair separately (I’m all for suggesting, but also believe people should experiment to learn what they personally like).  



I still have the smoker side of my grill to christen, but I’ll save that for another weekend. Perhaps 4th of July. Or a lazy Sunday in August, where I can quietly smoke my London Broil and Wild Alaskan Salmon while lay quietly in my hammock in the shade.