We are excited to enjoy Mardi Gras with delicious flavors inspired by Cajun and Creole cuisine.  Our team loves recipes utilizing spices like paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, black pepper and oregano, just to name a few.  They complement our range of beef and seafood well!

Mardi Gras Recipe Inspiration

Mardi Gras is celebrated with food, of course, so we’re eager to show you some of our Mardi Gras dishes from our own Chef Chris.  Check out his take on traditional New Orleans fare with our top quality beef and seafood delivered directly to your door.


To start your Mardi Gras meal, consider serving an appetizer. We love our new premium whitefish, Open Blue Cobia, grilled and served over a bed of sauteed onions on sliders, topped with a spicy coleslaw.  Tailor the spice level of paprika and garlic powder in your coleslaw to your liking! 
Chef’s Tip:  use a combination of your own bold Mardi Gras spices or a simple Cajun blend.

Blackened Fish Entrée

Another delicious dish featuring our Open Blue Cobia is inspired by two traditional entrees, Blackened Chicken and a Blackened Catfish.  Chef Chris’ version uses cobia instead, serving it with black eyed peas, rice, onion, bell pepper and sauteed greens.  As you prepare the rice, add the amount of black pepper, cayenne pepper and garlic powder you’d prefer.

 Easy Lobster Tail Entrée

We also grilled our South African Lobster Tail for our menu of Mardi Gras food.  Once the lobster tail is done, top it with your favorite Cajun or Creole spice blend for a bold taste, or simply just add paprika.  The additional spices give a flavorful dish that works well for lunch or dinner. 

Shrimp Entrées

With Mardi Gras cooking, we couldn’t forget to include two important components, shrimp with corn. (The corn is formally known as Maque Choux).  We have them here in two forms:  served with our sauteed jumbo, cleaned American Sun Shrimp over spicy corn with a sweet corn grit cake.  While cooking your Sun Shrimp you can choose to add your favorite Mardi Gras spices to the shrimp, corn, or both!  Combine paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic and oregano for an authentic Cajun taste.

Sea Bass Entrées

Our Chilean Sea Bass works well over Cajun spiced shaved vegetables and ricotta gnocchi.  Pan sear the Sea Bass and sauté the vegetables with your favorite spicy blend for a terrific way to enjoy Cajun cooking.  Use one spice or include several depending on the intensity you prefer.


Mardi Gras cuisine is influenced by French cooking techniques.  Chef Chris’ take on this is Chilean Sea Bass en papillote.  He infused oregano, paprika, garlic and cayenne pepper over Julienne Carrots, squash, zucchini, red onion, lemon, parsley and herbs.


Enjoy your Mardi Gras feast and let the good times roll!