At The Seasoned Carte, we embrace global cuisine.  Our main specialties are steak and seafood, which have each developed a loyal following among our customers.  Our offerings are not the everyday varieties you’d buy in a grocery store, but instead unique, chef quality Japanese A5 Wagyu beef and fish, South African lobster tails and Spanish octopus you prepare at home.  The feedback we receive frequently from our customers is how easy the preparation is given our cooking tips.  No restaurant reservations needed for a high caliber, enjoyable dining experience!  Exciting, isn’t it?  We think so too.   

Grade & Quality Scale

Japanese Wagyu beef is rated for both yield grade and quality.  The yield grade scale is A, B or C while the meat quality scale is 1-5.  A5 is the highest rating across both of these rating systems, and less than 1% of Japanese Wagyu achieves the A5 Grade.  Wagyu is often enjoyed in small slices, perfect for sharing with family or friends or even indulging yourself!  High grade Wagyu is known for its distinctive “marbling” pattern, firm texture prior to cooking, and high fat content, leading to a delicious, rich taste once prepared.  (Source:

A5 Wagyu Beef Options

We offer three Japanese Kagoshima A5 Wagyu Beef cuts:  New York Strip Steak, Filet Mignon, and Ribeye Steak. Chef Chris recommends pan searing all three for ideal taste and texture.  To complete each dish, season with his go-to, salt and cracked black pepper, complementing with a side of your favorite vegetables.  To complete your meal, consider topping any of these dishes with one of our complementary butters.  Lemon Garlic Herb, White Truffle, and Roasted Garlic Herb are a fantastic pairing to enhance your dinner. 


Seafood Options

Our high quality, wild-caught seafood, sourced with a commitment to environmental sustainability and ocean welfare, offers something for everyone, whether you’re purchasing your order as a treat for yourself, preparing a nice meal to celebrate an occasion, or hosting others for a fun evening.  Select from Chilean Sea Bass Filets, South African Lobster Tails, Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, or Fully-Cooked Spanish Octopus Legs.  While this impressive variety makes it hard to choose one option, don’t stress about the preparation!  We make it simple.  Chef Chris shares his favorite cooking tips for each on their product pages, so you can see exactly what you’d need to do as you place your order.  


Post your dinner photos on Instagram and tag us (@the_seasoned_carte)!  We’d love to see your chef skills.

Wishing you a delicious, satisfying, high end, home-cooked meal,

The Seasoned Carte