Mom. Mommy. Mother. No matter what term of endearment you use, the feeling is always the same- Love. And while we should treat Mom special every day of the year, there is only one day specifically called out to celebrate mom. “Mother’s Day” became official in 1914, 6 years after Anna Jarvis launched her campaign to honor mothers nationwide. And since then, on the second Sunday of every May, Mom is treated to brunch, flowers, cards, candy, and gifts. A day well worth celebrating!
My mom was a single working mother of three boys, so I know I need to treat her right to thank her for raising us properly. So, what’s on the menu? We’ll start out with shrimp “scampi” style- this was a dish my grandfather was well known for at his restaurant, Teddy’s. This recipe calls for butterflied sauteed or broiled shrimp bathed in a mixture of butter, garlic, Dijon, Worcestershire, fresh lemon, and a splash of Anisette.


My mother also loves lobster, so I know split and broiled South African Lobster Tails with Roasted Garlic butter are an absolute must. I’ll season the lobster tails with kosher salt, fresh cracked black pepper, and a pinch of smoked paprika. Some fresh asparagus spears drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper, and roasted, to compliment the lobster tails, and I think I could comfortably say I’ll be my mothers favorite (for this day at least).  [product:lobster-tails]
Now I need to consider what other items I’ll treat Mom to this year- Our Petite Pork Roast is perfect for a small gathering, cooks up quickly, and is impressive presented on a platter. Rubbed with fresh chopped garlic, rosemary, thyme, and lots of fresh cracked black pepper, cooked either in the oven, or outside on a grill or smoker, this Pork Roast will not disappoint Mom!  [product:petite-pork-roast]
On the other hand, Mom liked to provide experiences for us as kids- skiing in winter, fishing on the L.I. Sound in the summer, Friday night dinners at my grandfather’s restaurant…so I may want to treat Mom to a Japanese Wagyu experience! Perfectly seared and sliced Japanese A5 Strip Steak, some crushed & crispy roasted baby potato, garlic scented spinach, and just the slightest drizzle of a nice aged balsamic (I know a soy drizzle is probably more appropriate, but my mother is 100% Italian, so I may need to play to that here 😊).  [product:japanese-a5-wagyu-new-york-strip-steak]

Overall, no matter what I decide to cook on Mother’s Day, I know it will be handled with TLC. The same kind of TLC Mom used to raise her 3 boys.